Design consultations

 Clients have joked about their initial fears of inviting a designer to their home: being judged, being expected to commit to spending their life savings, being told to throw out all of their furniture, and ending up with a look that has the designer’s stamp all over it. This of course doesn't have to be the reality.

P hotography: Robyn Mill,

Photography: Robyn Mill,

 My philosophy is that interior design advice should be available to everybody, whether your budget is $500 or $500,000. Just as you might go to an accountant for your tax, you should be able to go to a designer to improve the look, feel and functionality of your home. 

For me, design is about people: helping clients function better and feel better in their living space, not just creating a space that looks good. It's important to provide a service that is friendly, personable, non-intimidating and focused on listening to what my clients want. That's the whole point of being a designer.

 How does a consultation work?

 While I specialize in areas such as renovations, refurbishments and large furnishing projects, I get just as much satisfaction from helping people who are cannily finding ways to furnish their homes on modest budgets and need a little help along the way.

Every consultation should be flexible enough to meet a client’s unique needs. My general rule is that clients should think about how they would ideally utilize a designer’s service to get to where they want – whether a little or a lot of help is needed along the way.


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 Typical consultations include:

Creating furnishing plans: often using existing pieces where possible, and helping people pulling a look together 

Updating tired looking spaces – selecting colours, floors, window furnishings, kitchens and bathrooms, selecting new furniture

Selecting finishes for new kitchens and bathrooms

Colour consultations for interiors and exteriors

Options for extensions, renovations, or space planning by reworking existing spaces

Putting together plans for balconies, courtyards or small gardens.

 How much does a consultation cost? And how much does it save?

 A single consultation starts at $385 inc GST (Brisbane metro), which includes travel to and from your home plus a two hour consultation. Any additional time needed is charged at $66 inc GST per half hour block. Weekend consultations attract a 20% surcharge.

 Hourly rates for projects vary according to the number of hours worked, and range from $110-$132/hour inc GST.

 Gary Hamer Interior Design provides trade discounts to offset professional fees where available. In some cases, the savings on purchases can outweigh the fees.

 These savings are made through many mainstream retail stores, where designers obtain trade discounts. We can also access trade agencies not available to the general public.

 An often overlooked saving is the ability of a designer to help clients avoid making costly mistakes. Good design is as much about helping people avoid mistakes as it is about creating!

 Booking a consultation

 If you think that you can benefit from our service, feel free to phone and have a chat. You can email us through our Contact page, or telephone us on 0402 441 934. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions, and look at solutions of how a consultation might work for you.