Vieille Branche, all things French ....

With the proliferation of so called "French" furniture hitting our shores in recent years, it's nice to see that some of it actually does come from France!

JC and Jennifer Lehuby of Vieille Branche travel to France and hand-select furniture and homewares from estates and places, mainly in the Normandy region, and sell it from their warehouse at 10 Fox Street, Albion.

I've been using some of their pieces on my own projects recently, and it's been really well received by clients. 

Here are a few images of their premises. I guarantee that you'll love visiting their delightful new space, and I'd be surprised if you don't walk away with a little bit of France. Word also has it that there are plans for an in-house cafe, so I might have to visit a little more regularly.

Check out their web page or Like their FB page here:

Vieille Branche, all things French ...