Everyone has different tastes. What you find absolutely stunning, might seem horrendous to another.

But it doesn’t matter!

Finding a design style that works for YOU does matter though.

Matching your interior design with your personality is a key component to feeling motivated and happy in your own home or office. You’re spending almost your entire day there, so why not turn it into a place that actually makes you feel good?

Here are 4 of the most common interior decorating styles, which one matches your personality?


#1. Minimalist

Minimalism is all the rage right now. From decluttering your wardrobe, your desk, and to asking yourself Marie Kondo’s iconic question -- “but does it spark joy?”.

This trend continues to gain popularity with the younger generation. 

If staying on trend, neutral colours, and just plain minimal is something that appeals to you -- your interior decorating style is that of a minimalist.


#2. Modern

Think silver appliances, marble countertops, and glass dining tables.

When you imagine a new apartment, this is probably what you see.

If you like the minimalist look, but don’t want to go too crazy with your decluttering -- the modern look is for you.

It has the same clean colour palette of mostly black and white (although splashes of colour look wonderful). But with more emphasis on modern appliances and furniture.


#3. Industrial

Imagine exposed beam ceilings, pipes, and red brick.

While common in places like New York, here in Australia, not so much.

If you like to be different, and you’re more of an old soul… The industrial look is the decorating style for you.

Scatter some leather furniture, rustic looking distressed wood, and some metal appliances around your space to complete the look.


#4. Traditional

Think back to your old family home…

Dark woods, curved furniture legs, and lots of cushions (probably with pompoms on the edges).

If this cozy look that is almost the opposite of minimalist speaks to you, then your interior decorating style is traditional.

Add some european style lamps, lavender flower bouquets, and some landscape oil paintings to your house to complete the look.

If you have any further questions about interior decorating style, feel free to get in touch