How many hours a day do you spend in your room or your office?

You’re sleeping in your bedroom for at least 8 hours a day. You’re in the office working another 8 hours a day. And a good portion of the remaining 8 hours in your day is spent cooking in your kitchen or watching Netflix in your living room.

There are only a handful of spaces that we spend the majority of our time in. Why wouldn’t you want to make it an area that makes you feel happy?

3 Ways Good Interior Design Improves Your Life

#1. Motivates you to work harder

Having the right interior design can make it easier to push through the last handful of tasks on your to-do-list or motivate you to get up in the morning and do some exercise.

Depending on what goals you want to accomplish, by changing your environment you make decrease the effort it takes to take action. This means reaching your goals become easier.

For example, you can change the colours and decorations in your office to improve your mood. Instead of having gloomy rooms with depressing walls and zero sunlight -- good interior design can open up the office to make it more sociable and find ways to brighten up the atmosphere.

#2. Improves efficiency

Each space serves its own purpose.

A living room is to relax, an office is to work, and a bedroom is to sleep. But if the space isn’t designed correctly, it becomes hard to accomplish each purpose.

For example, a bedroom that makes you uncomfortable makes sleep difficult. An office that kills motivation makes work impossible. And a bedroom that promotes stress makes sleep a nightmare.

Good interior design can make each space more efficient in accomplishing its purpose. This in turn greatly improves your quality of life.

#3. Increases comfort

It’s hard to be comfortable in a place you just don’t like.

By improving your interior design, you can make an area your own. Create colour schemes that please your eyes, add fixtures that make using your space a joy, and add personal accent pieces that make your space feel homely.

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